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A Few Flowers More

A hero's work is never done! Especially when strange new plants start appearing in the woods—plants whose presence draws all manner of trespassers eager to take advantage of the sudden, mysterious bounty. But where are these plants coming from, and what sinister development in the heart of the forest does their arrival signify? Could it be the beginning of an invasion from another dimension... or something worse?

In A Few Flowers More, you take on the role of one of four unique leshys—mobile plants who have been granted wills of their own. When word of strange supernatural developments in the depths of the forest comes to light, it falls to you and your friends to take care of things!

A Few Flowers More is a short adventure for 4th-level characters that serves as a sequel to A Fistful of Flowers, yet it can be played on its own. This adventure takes a band of leshy heroes into the very depths of a primeval forest and pits them against a supernatural threat that's literally out of this world. The four pregenerated characters also provide a quick way to jump into this exciting Free RPG Day offering right away! Grab your friends, grab some dice, and play the role of the forest's newest heroes!

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