API Docs
The API provides readonly access to the adventure data hosted at this site. There are two API endpoints, both of which are described below.
Returns a paginated list of all adventures. Use the page query parameter to select the page (1-indexed, default 1). You can use the q parameter to filter adventures by a search query and the f parameter to apply filters. To find out more about the syntax and available filters, use the normal web-based search and look at the f parameter in your browser's dev tools. The sortBy parameter can be used to sort the adventures. Possible values are:
  • (nothing): Best matches first
  • reviews: Adventures sorted by reviews
  • title: Sort by title
  • numPages-desc Most pages
  • numPages-asc Least pages
  • createdAt-desc Recently added
  • createdAt-asc Least recently added
  • random Random sorting. To seed the random generator and make pagination possible, provide a seed in the seed parameter. The seed can be any string, e.g. the current date.
Returns detailed data for an adventure specified by its id. In contrast to the other endpoint, this also includes reviews for the adventure.
Feedback welcome!
This API is quite new. Please create an issue in the AdventureLookup GitHub repository if you have any feedback or want to expand this documentation.