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A Most Potent Brew

The party is sent to deal with a problem that should be instantly familiar to all rookie adventurers - exterminating giant rats that have taken up residence in a beer cellar. However, if they are to achieve their goal our heroes are going to have to get their first taste of a real dungeon as they explore the ruins of an ancient Wizard’s Tower.

What is this adventure?
This first-level adventure is designed for D&D veterans and complete beginners alike. It only uses rules, items, monsters and concepts found in the free basic ruleset that can be downloaded from the Wizards of the Coast website. That means that you and your friends can play this without having to buy anything other than snacks, drinks and maybe some dice - though even these can be replaced by
the many free Dice Roller apps available for phones and tablets.

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QuestLuminary has played this adventure and would recommend it.

I ran this adventure for my co-workers. It provides all the essentials of a balanced D&D module, including social interaction, exploration, combat, and puzzles. The adventure is short and well laid out. It provides the opportunity to homebrew interesting details about the dungeon. I built the entire dungeon with Dwarven Forge terrain and even cut out the puzzle and pasted it onto the dungeon tiles. I also created handouts for the hidden message on the wall. I had a fun time running the adventure and my players enjoyed themselves also.

wlievens has played this adventure and would recommend it.

I ran this adventure for my nine year old children and we really liked it. I scaled down a few of the monster groups to account for the fact there were only two level one characters with no gameplay experience, but that did the job. Our native language is Dutch so I translated the content as we played, including a translation of the riddle. I also had some fun drawing the maps in Dungeon Alchemist with some extra decorations.

Fun tutorial adventure!

ZothinDM has played this adventure and would recommend it.

Short and to the point. Great intro to combat and creative problem solving as well as a nice little puzzle!

DrNeuro has played this adventure and would recommend it.

Ran this as a DM as a first "quest" for a group for new character. All semi experienced players. They loved it.
Ran it on Roll20 with no issue.
I'm planning on running it again with a group of players new to TTRPG, possibly modifying it a little bit to include a prelude with a little more role play and a simple follow up to add some more mystery. Overall great little adventure, with a lot room for tweaks and change for your setting. Easy and fun, but challenging and engaging.

sgtsparty has played this adventure and would recommend it.

This was the first adventure I ever ran as a DM. My players, all of whom had more experience in the hobby really enjoyed it. It's a good balance of combat, exploration and a puzzle all in a 4 room 'dungeon' under a tavern which can easily be placed in any campaign setting. The Wizards Tower Brewin Company has grown into my players de facto club house when they're in town, even now that we've been playing for a year and they're now level 5. This is a great one night adventure for level 1 characters and a perfect place for new DM's to start, but having a new, unique 'boss' monster keeps it fresh even for experienced players. My only criticism is that the initial battle was the most difficult due to there being 8 bad guys with pack tactics vs. the big boss missed with his flaming web and never got another chance as all 4 PC's unloaded on him taking him out in one round. Could maybe move a few of those rats from the initial encounter to the boss fight? Even so this adventure is a 10/10 for a first time DM/GM.

Orangeman44 has played this adventure and would recommend it.

This is a great introductory adventure that our group (which was a group of teenagers). There is a little of everything in the adventure (puzzles, combat, exploration, etc) without being overwhelming for a group of new players. The final monster is very evocative to the imagination and the reason why it is there is very believable.

Thumbs up - we've carried forward with at least one or two other adventures from this company. There is a 2nd level adventure as well as a 3rd level that let the party find other adventures to continue on with (although the story of the subsequent adventures have nothing to do with this adventure).

rkk has played this adventure and would recommend it.

Ran this as my first session ever too lol. It's a five room dungeon and there is a battle map for the entire dungeon. I ran this with two 1st level adventurers and they survived.

Quite amused that my party decided to resolve the issue of the spilled potions by setting the cellar (and thus brewery) on fire.

KrestBoss has played this adventure and would recommend it.

I ran this as my first session ever and I would recommend it to everyone!

The adventure was good looking, well written and had a very fun puzzle that I have, and will continue to steal and put into many other adventures for different groups. It is suitably difficult for a group of first level adventurers is a good way to have the party meet up to begin their adventures together.

The battle maps included are well designed and easy to draw out if using physical maps, the treasure gained from this is useful at any level, and the boss fight was both easy to run and memorable for the party.

This adventure is fire!