Cover of A Nothic's Guide to Improved Material Spell Components

A Nothic's Guide to Improved Material Spell Components

Brand new variations and components for spells in the Player’s Handbook.

Discover the notes of a meticulous nothic, driven to answer this question (at all costs) for every spell that calls for material components!

Designed for both players and dungeon masters, this supplement expands the possibilities of the spells you know by using strange and unusual alternative components.

What would you promise a mermaid in exchange for a pearl that doubled your speed when walking on water and also let you walk on fog?
How far would you go to obtain glass globes crafted by a storm giant that let your lightning bolt bend or fork?

Increase player agency and demonstrate character interest through the variety of magical ingredients (including both narrative and literal seeds) and the use of customized magic. Spell lists are organized by class and level, making it simple to find the incantation you need.

195 New component options with one or more for each of the spells in the Player’s Handbook that call for material components
Enhanced and extraordinary spell effects for each spell cast with alternate components.
34 quest options for learning these new spell variations
Bonus side quests to encourage characters to follow their own interests
Easy-to-use linked appendices for spells organized by class and by level
Notes from the anonymous nothic and inspiring art included throughout the entire codex

Written By
Joel Russ
Published By
DMs Guild
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Levels 1–20
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