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Annihilation Hold

Beyond the western mountains, the orcs generally kept to themselves. Over the years they built their civilization. They enriched themselves through magic and music, and followed a doctrine of peace and acceptance that was empowered by the dangerous mountain range on one side and the swirling seas on the other.

Their quiet society was shattered when a djinni named Hasteth was summoned by their elder mages. Hasteth was a creature of pure evil and perverted the wishes that it granted. In time, the orcs were able to trap the djinni within an enchanted ceramic jar called the Annihilation Hold, but not before their entire way of life was torn asunder. Many centuries have gone by and the orcs are scattered to the wind, with few recalling their proud nation.

The hidden complex containing the Annihilation Hold has been discovered. Tales of wealth and magic fill the rumors the adventurers overhear. Will your adventurers brave the hazards inside to claim the riches?

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HikerChris has played this adventure and would recommend it.

Absolutely amazing adventure! The creativity is astonishing! I would never have thought of an order of undead orc paladins (and an orc lich), protecting against an evil djinn. Mix in some devils and demons, and it is 100% my style. The only problem I had was that all the content easily took over two sessions (experience may vary, as my players are heavy roleplayers and investigators). My players had a blast, I had a blast. All in all, an amazing adventure.