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Artifacts of Adventure

'I walk between two worlds, the way of the gun and the way of the sorcerer, but now amid the falling starts of civilization and the swirling currents of time I make a stand. There are those who believe you live but one life, but I know that is not the case. In the multiverse there are infinite lifetimes to be had amid the swells of ware, peace, and the whims of fate...'

Within the pages of this tome you will find eight incredible adventures that cover time periods from the 'powder and magic' Gun Kingdoms to the more traditional dungeons of standard fantasy. Three adventures follow the exploits of a post magical apocalypse crew as they look for lost magic and gold amid the ruins, while five other adventures staying within the confines of true fantasy. Delve into a frozen dungeon, sail on magical currents between planetary spheres, and fight against the undead and dark Templars of a dread temple. These are just a few of the adventures awaiting your characters in Artifacts of Adventure, a compiled work of six Folio: Digital Quarterly adventures and the True Level Adventures trilogy by Art of the Genre.


DQ1: The Adventure Begins for levels 1-3
DQ2: The Druid Child for levels 3-5
DQ3: UN1 Frost Lords of the Frozen Hall for levels 3-5
DQ4: UN2 The Delve into the Stellar Mine for levels 3-5
DQ5: UN3 Dungeons and GK3 Descendants for levels 3-5
True Level Adventure 1 Stone and Silver for level 1
True Level Adventure 2 Gate of Web and War for level 2
Ture Level Adventure 3 Monastery of the Lost for level 3

New monsters, maps and backgrounds

These adventure is formatted to both 1E & 5E gaming rules.

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Scott Taylor
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Art of the Genre
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