Cover of Assault on Eddistone Point

Assault on Eddistone Point

The mayor of the town of Four Trails hires you to find the missing magic user, Delea the White! Delea was tasked with improving the signal tower at Eddistone Point.

After leaving with her party of dwarven mercenaries, the mayor received a message from Delea's familiar; a white crow with a note scrawled in charcoal; "Bandits in the tower! Help!"

The tower is straightforward, five levels, each a single room.

There's a bait-and-switch where the players think the half-orc bandit leader is the bad guy, but an innocuous-seeming vagabond is actually a powerful illusionist. No monsters to speak of, only class-based NPCs, no magic apart from a ring of protection (not listed in this record, being equivalent to magic armor.)

Pgs. 19-27

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dballing has played this adventure and would recommend it.

Was getting my old 1e crew back together after not playing this edition in decades. Was a nice, reasonably short adventure that had some opportunity for ingenuity on the part of the players and got us back into the swing of things in no time.