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B1 In Search of the Unknown

Introductory Adventure that came bundled with some versions of the Holmes Basic version of D&D. Two powerful adventurers, Rogahn the Fearless and Zelligar the Unknown, have apparently deserted the stronghold they once occupied. The PCs have discovered a map which leads to it. First published in 1978, this is a basic dungeon crawl introducing players to many of the dungeoneering tropes. Location descriptions are provided but it is up to the DM to fill in the actual monsters and treasure for each one.

TSR 9023

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Mike Carr
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Levels 1–3
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orc has played this adventure and would recommend it.

I've always liked this module. It's a bit less interesting to play than B2, being as the options inherent in wilderness isn't the focus, and it was nowhere near my first DM experience (B2 is), but when I was much shorter and less gray it was instructive in the creation of my own adventures (even when I made it up on the fly).

I've really only run it once in the 1980s, but did not bother with adding the monsters, rather laid in clues for a larger mystery. I suppose I was overall less interested in running games focused on the slaughter of monsters than the intrigue I could extend to players, made possible by the structure of this book.

Younger players may find their attention wavering during a playthrough, but this likely depends on how the DM rolls it, so to speak. —Orson R Curtiss