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B2 Keep on the Borderlands

The heroes arrive at the eponymous Keep on the Borderlands, a fortress on the edge of civilization built to stave off the chaos and evil of the wilderness. Using it as a home base, a party can make forays into the surrounding wilderness, encountering monster and marauder alike.

The centerpiece of the adventure is certainly the CAVES OF CHAOS, a network of tunnels and caverns found in the walls of a nearby but isolated ravine. It is here that hordes of evil humanoids have made their home. Through combat and negotiation, the players can try to explore and map out these caves, perhaps with the aim of accumulating valuable treasure or even cleansing the land of evil creatures.

However, even the Caves are not all they seem. Beyond the goblins and kobolds lurk dark horrors: cults dedicated to fiendish chaos and a Minotaur's enchanted labyrinth await the unprepared adventurer. But for the hero who is brave, clever, and fortunate in equal and sufficient measure, great treasures and glory await in the Caves of Chaos that lie beyond the Keep on the Borderlands!

TSR 9034

Written By
E. Gary Gygax
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Levels 1–3
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amorphousadam has played this adventure and would recommend it.

This is a great jumping off point. The module itself gives a good first exposure to a variety of standard monsters and strategies. A DM could easily bridge this into practically any further adventure.

Zane K has played this adventure and would recommend it.

This is the archetypal dnd adventure.

It introduced thousands of players to dnd and is a great example of how the game plays. If you want more detail about this modules history, I implore you to check out DCC rpg’s adaptation of it. In there they talk with influential dnd game designers, collectors, and others about the influence this adventure had on the game.

orc has played this adventure and would recommend it.

My first exposure to D&D.

I think it's sort of pointless to review it, since every player's experience with this module is likely going to be very different, depending on their DM's handing of the material. Really, B2 is so open-ended even I've found myself winging it as a DM because the players were less interested in the caves than the woods, or the marshes, or the hermit, or well, you get the picture. I don't even regard it as belonging to Basic D&D—it fits perfectly into AD&D or even later D&D, regardless of edition.

But you never forget your first. I've always run it, and probably always will. —Orson R Curtiss