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Caverns of Draconis

A small local area with ten locations and a big wizard dungeon with 19 rooms.

The module is based around some rules lite system exclusive to the module, but for obvious reasons can be run in the system of your choice with little modification. (Some best guess approximations have been made for the creatures for search optimization.)

Official description:
"This adventure is a work of PARODY based on “Caverns of Draconis,” featured in Season 2, Episode 14 of NBC's TV series, “Community.” THIS IS NOT A TSR PRODUCT. This product was made in accordance with Wizards of the Coast's OGL Version 1.0a.

The following game and adventure have been designed to reimagine what the fictional module featured in the episode might look like. This rules-lite RPG is meant to serve as an introduction for newcomers and fans of the show alike. The game can be played with 2-9 players and has everything you need to get started except for dice. "

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Levels 3–6
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OnslaughtSix has played this adventure and would recommend it.

The adventure is based on some sort of rules lite system but is trivial enough to convert to any existing D&D based system, since that's what it's based on. The artwork is super faithful to the one in the show (as that used stock art, so too does the module).

The dungeon is full of wizardy traps that you would expect, like a room full of cloaks that burst into fire unless you pick the right one, and a storeroom of gems that have different effects. The central dragon has a few high level spells and its probably not recommended to try and fight him; thankfully there's a magic item that can control ALL DRAGONS in the nearby area. The wizard also has a construct boss in the dungeon, which could be real fun to run and even talk to.

The map is well laid out and is fairly faithful to the TSR style. A DM version in non-repro blue is provided as well as a black outline player version with no numbers. However, a lot of the rooms are off-axis on the grid; this might be realistic and if you prefer it, knock yourself out.

I was needing this map to run it though, so I took the time to redo it on the grid in Dungeon Scrawl, with the caveat that some rooms had to expand or retract as necessary, and my maps tend not to have as much detail. Here's a link to my map:

If you'd like to alter the map yourself, here's my Dungeon Scrawl file:

Unless I was going to run The Adventure as written, I would probably use the map and dungeon as a typical wizard dungeon and remove the dragon, or replace it with a level appropriate one; since this is only for levels 3-6 as listed; the pregens don't have levels and there is no system for XP or leveling up in the book, but 3-6 still feels like an appropriate level otherwise.