Cover of Chalk Hill - Honeymoon at the Eight Maidens

Chalk Hill - Honeymoon at the Eight Maidens

Chalk Hill is a lonely village on the edge of the Downs. Nearby barrows contain remains of long-dead kings. As is the local custom, a pair of young newlyweds went to the ancient standing stones for the druids to bless their union. They never came back. The heroes must find and return the couple, who have been taken into the grave of Eorl Wulfstan. The undead Eorl saw the new-wife in a dream, and she is the spit of his long-lost beloved, so he had his servants bring her to him. They slew the young man, who rose as undead under the Eorl’s control.

Can the heroes find the survivor and put the dead back to rest?

A 4 to 6 hour adventure for 4 to 6 Tier 1 characters—optimized for 5 characters of 3rd level.
This adventure came about thanks to the generosity and encouragement of Dyson Logos, cartographer of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. In it you'll find maps never before seen in a Guild adventure!
"Chalk Hill" is an Old School "out and down" dungeon crawl, where brave adventurers venture into the wilderness and pit themselves against horrors which would set a-quiver the flesh of honest folk. It's proof you can have an OSR experience using the 5e rules!

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R. P. Davis
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DMs Guild
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Levels 2–4
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