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DDAL00-01 Window to the Past

When a Thayan research expedition returns from the Glacier of the White Wyrm with only two survivors that are reduced to whispering about an ancient pyramid under the ice, perhaps it is time to discover just what scares the life out of a nation of necromancers.

The events of DDEP2 Mulmaster Undone resulted in terrible geographic upheaval all around the southeastern region of the Moonsea. Massive landslides, earthquakes, tidal waves, and gnashing tornados devastated the land and the city of Mulmaster was nearly scrubbed from the face of Faerun. Fortunately, these events also revealed previously hidden artifacts—trinkets, mostly—from the ancient Netherese all around the city.

The Thayans have long held an interest in the port city and wasted no time in assisting in the rebuilding efforts. They simply asked that a blind eye be turned to their archaeological interests, and in return they would continue to spend their own resources (at no expense to the Mulmasterites or even the High Blade) to rebuild the city, bigger and better than before. It wasn’t long before their interests paid off with the discovery of a research laboratory beneath the Glacier of the White Worm, far to the east of Mulmaster and nestled in the mountains.

The Thayans sent a sizable expeditionary force but only two acolytes returned. The visiting Zulkir has found this particularly troublesome, and with the assistance of Rastol Shan, the head of the Cloaks, has arranged for a mercenary force to perform a more pointed investigation of the area. In return the Thayan noble has promised significant compensation. Upon arrival at the dig site, the characters are quick to discover that the laboratory hides ancient and palpable evil. The purpose of the facility can be discerned with careful investigation, and the effect of the still-active fragment of the Dark Obelisk has empowered (some may say attracted) servants of the Worm that Walks. Danger and death await, certainly, though the characters always have the option of running away and living to fight another day…

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Alan Patrick
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DMs Guild
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Levels 5–20
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