Cover of DDIA-XGE Underworld Speculation

DDIA-XGE Underworld Speculation

From the cover:
Operating as secret agents for the Lords of Waterdeep, a promising lead takes you
deep into the world of the Xanathar, but what will it take for you to return?
A Four-Hour Adventure for Tier 1 Characters. Optimized for APL 3.

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Includes Characters?
Levels 1–4
Boss Monsters and Villains
Common Monsters
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verloren_ has played this adventure and would not recommend it.

After playing the adventure, and feeling somewhat disappointed in it, I read through the module to see if I was missing anything. And basically, it's a simple low level and very repetitive dungeon crawl underwater, with no real chance to role play. Could be fun for a first time player just to get a handle on the mechanics of battle, but it offers little else.

(SPOILERS NOW) It's frustrating also that you can't defeat the boss in battle unless the DM goes against the module and lets you, so to survive you have to make a deal with an Aboleth that you can't fight that will likely be against every instinct of the PCs.