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Doorway to Darkness

"As you approach, the miners themselves appear from their hidey-holes around the ruined camp. They are haggard and hollow-eyed, barely able to lift the picks and shovels they've clearly been using as weapons. They are unwashed, muddy and stinking - they look little different to the undead that they have been fighting.

Shrouded in damp blankets and shivering, they stare at you silently, even disbelievingly. There is only one left among them who appears to have a little iron left in his spine. He tightens his grip on his pick and steps forward.

'Are you here to help?'"

Some doors should never be opened...

A group of miners uncover a dark secret and find themselves fighting for their lives as the dead walk again. Can the party rescue the survivors and stop an ancient evil before it spreads across the land?

Doorway to Darkness is a 3-5 hour adventure for characters of 2nd-3rd level. It features roleplaying, traps and horrifying combat encounters...

Written By
M. T. Black
Published By
DMs Guild
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Levels 2–3
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sgtsparty has played this adventure and would recommend it.

This adventure really saved my bacon when a throw away comment about an NPC in another adventure (the Hound of Cabell Manor) owning a mine was fixated on by one of my players and suddenly I needed a mine for the next week's session. I also like how the main thrust of this adventure takes place in the mines way from town which makes it easy to locate a reasonable distance from any town in you campaign setting (close enough to travel to, including any random travel encounters, but far enough way that it would make sense if the party didn't already know about it). I like that several of the characters and pieces of lore in M.T. Black's adventures are consistent or related so now my party is real suspicious of the Albright's having run into one if the family's old wizards tower in Tower of the Mad Mage, and now finding out this place has something to do with the family too has created this piece of canon lore in my setting that the Albrights are like the creepy magical Kennedy's or something. My only criticism of this adventure are that the map doesn't have grids, and that once the party finds the crack in the wall the rest of the cave complex is forgotten easily and rarely gets explored.

MediocreDude has played this adventure and would recommend it.

Really cool adventure, my party wanted to keep a certain magic item featured in the adventure. The fact that they did that, and later left it unguarded, let me spin a bunch more adventure.