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Dreams of Solitude: Ravenloft Campaign

30 Ravenloft adventures inspired by various domains of dread, including Gothic Earth, that can be played as a single campaign!

Dreams of Solitude is a collection of thirty exciting adventures that can either be played as a campaign, run as a one-shot, or have pieces taken out to supplement your current home game! You'll meet your match against Atarte, the evil master of dreams, who will task you to defend ancient fortresses from the undead, explore a terrifying maze, fight in the trenches of world war 1 or even a karaoke contest with werewolves! It's SO much fun, and you'll be able to go back for more adventures, again and again!

Adventures summary:

Demon's Isle: Explore a watery cave and find your way to the Pirate Demon Zekel!
Airic's Forest: Survive a forest ruled by werewolves while you try to find the cure for lycanthropy!
Fractured City: Enter a glitchy uncompleted illusory town and try to find the "Butcher" that roams the dark alleys.
The Heinfroth Heist: Enter Dr. Heinfroth's asylum and steal his journal without becoming his test subject!
Tomb of the Hentempet the Red Queen: Face Hentempet the red queen inside her Pharaoh tomb!
Graveyard Of invitation: Enter a cursed graveyard and follow the clues to find the reason why the undead have risen!
Fey Blood Merchant: Help the Vistani child escape his Rakshasha master before he returns!
Horrors in Chateaufaux: Play the role of the Gendarmerie guards and find out who creates chaos in the roads of Dementlieu!
On the Run: Explore an ancient tomb and escape the curse that you have unleashed!
Vampire Escort Child: Can you help this poor child leave this jail meant for monsters?
Defend the Keep!: Command your own military force to defend a keep against waves of undead!
Lena's Pets: Explore the heidius laboratory of Frantisek Markov's student and escape before you become body parts for her next experiment!
Lava trip: Who would want to be inside an ACTIVE VOLCANO? RUN!
Escape Rooms: Find the way to escape before time runs out! How investigative are you?
Singing Showdown: Karaoke competition with werewolves???
Labyrinthine Horror: Can you escape the labyrinth before the Vampiric Minotaur catches you?
Teety's Hunt for Lulo: Find Teety's elusive love in an enchanted forest of pain!
Monster Lab: Create your own Flesh Golem and make sure you are a good parent!
Through fire and steel: Run through the No-man's-land while enemy planes and tanks bombard you and assassinate the enemy general! Don't forget to dodge the bullets!
Drowning in Filth: Will you manage to escape before you drown in filth?
Wilted Roses: Explore the forests of Sithicus and find the Black Rose Effigy!
Shyclin’s Circus: An encounter inspired by the Carnival. The joke's on you!
Among Us: Can you find shelter in a small cabin found in the woods?
The Free Trader, Mist Runner: Avoid the enemy pirate ship at all cost while trying to reach the port with your own ship!
The Curious Case of the Man Who Drowned in Air: Solve a detective's case in Victorian era London!
Night at the Museum: Protect the museum's artifacts from invisible adversaries!
Raid the Shadow: Lay siege on a castle controlled by the undead! Who could be its ruler?
Journey to the Center: Control a mechanical worm of Kwalish and drill to the center of the earth to mine mithril!
Journey Through Barovia: Visit Barovia's most famous places while trying to solve riddles or die trying!
Choose Nothing: Solve a Death Slaad's riddle or get mad!
The Final Dream: Tackle Atarte and their illusions in an environment that continiously alters between all of the dream-adventures! Only few can take on a Darklord and live to tell the tale!

Published by Mistfactor Press

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