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Extended ZEITGEIST Campaign Guide (Pathfinder)

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The all-new Player's Guide for ZEITGEIST: The Gears of Revolution! This Player's Guide is a whopping 60 pages of FREE material for players planning on delving into the ZEITGEIST adventure path for 5th Edition. The free Player’s Guide is designed for players of the ZEITGEIST adventure path, and contains background information and character options.

This Player's Guide is divided into five separate sections for easy printing and disssemination at the gaming table.

1. Characters. Deva and Eladrin races; Docker, Eschatologist, Gunsmith, Martial Scientist, Skyseer, Spirit Medium, Technologist, Vekeshi Mystic, Yerasol Veteran character themes; salary and requisitions.
2. Equipment. Explosive alchemicals, firearms, ship of the RPHC, prestige rules, and stats for allied officers.
3. The City of Flint. City districts, the military, the Royal Homeland Constabulary.
4. Setting Overview. Languages and accents, details of the countries Risur, and Ber; fey and the mortal realms.
5. Setting Overview (contd). Details of the countries Crysillyir, Danor, Drakr, Elfaivar; plus the border states and Malice Lands, planets and planes, key religions.

ZEITGEIST is a critically acclaimed adventure path from EN Publishing, brought to you by the same people who created the War of the Burning Sky campaign saga and featuring the same level of intriguing plot, memorable NPCs , and a strong, immersive storyline. In the ZEITGEIST campaign saga, your characters serve in the Homeland Constabulary of the nation of Risur, protecting the country and its citizens from foreign threats lurking within Risur's borders. During missions of espionage and assassination, your duty will be to root out hostile spies and pursue international conspiracies. As you learn more of your homeland's own secrets, however, your loyalties may be tested, may even be turned, and you may find that it is you whose hand controls the gears of the turning age.

This FREE 60-page guide introduces players to the ZEITGEIST adventure path, with background information, character options, maps, and more.
This Player's Guide is completely free. You are welcome to distribute it amongst your friends.

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Ryan Nock
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EN Publishing
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