Cover of Fane of Serpents

Fane of Serpents

Fane of Serpents is a titanoboa lair suitable for three to five 10th-level characters.

A rocky butte covered with soaring ruins looms over the landscape. Legend describes it as a monument raised by an inhuman race that was wiped out centuries ago as retribution over foul practices. Locally, the spot is known as Titan’s Height. It rises starkly above the surrounding area, with four terraced plateaus. Each level is covered with the ruins of many-columned halls in an architectural style unlike anything else in the area. Their age and strangeness alone are enough to generate fearful legends. The stories grow worse when travelers or livestock disappear near Titan’s Height, which they sometimes do.

Written By
Steve Winter
Published By
Kobold Press
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Level 10
Found In
Book of Lairs
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