Cover of Fishing for Gods in Strade's Gallows

Fishing for Gods in Strade's Gallows

"Fishing for Gods in Strade's Gallows" is a Dungeons and Dragons 5e module designed for 3-5 players at levels 2-3. This module features NPC dynamics where cordial manners and a polite smile matter just as much as sword-swinging prowess. Original monster entries and dungeon maps can be found in the appendices.

A medical shipment to the swampy town of Strade's Gallows takes a turn for the eccentric when the party happens across enigmatic shrimp-men who begin to worship them as gods. Can the party solve the mystery of Strade's Gallows' ailment, or will their new disciples botch it all up?

This module includes a list of songs which convey the mood of the setting. They are all online so it's easy to make a playlist.

Written By
Remley Farr
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DMs Guild
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Levels 2–3
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Sicantreis has played this adventure and would recommend it.

I played this a few years ago w/ a group of 4-5 players. Some we're new to D&D, others old timers. The adventure went well and my players enjoyed the mystery of it, though there were a few areas to watch out for as I remember.

One is be aware of the carnival - it was a cool scene when my players first discovered it and the accompanying music (how can you not) but they asked a few questions afterwards, such as how did this crazy thing get down here... Another minor problem I had was one of the hags has unlimited fireballs, depending on parties level this can TPK them very quickly, I ruled it was a once a day spell. Also the maps of the underground area needed some explaining but the writer was prompt about replying to my questions and may have redone them a bit?

I mentioned a lot of negatives but over all this was a cool adventure and I really enjoyed running it.