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Flight of Madness

"You enter some sort of corridor, but it is a far departure from the airship hallway you expected. The walls and ceiling are rusty chain-link fences and the floor is a corroded mesh of iron slats. Beyond the fence is a void of black, unmoving emptiness which carries the faint scent of ozone and rotten meat..."

Inspired by horror franchises such as Silent Hill and Saw, Flight of Madness is a one-shot horror adventure in which the players must venture though an airship which has been warped by the plane of Xoriat--also known as the Realm of Madness! During the adventure the players will attempt to save the crew from unspeakable horrors, uncover the nature of the madness that has afflicted the ship, and face off against the one who appears to be responsible for all of this. But is everything as it seems?

The adventure is for four level 5 players and is expected to take around 5 hours to complete. It is a great introduction to the darker side of Eberron for DMs and players alike.

• An exciting mystery to unravel, with multiple interpretations and endings

• An alternative to the madness mechanics provided in the Dungeon Masters Guide, which is integral to the final encounter of the adventure

• Two terrifying new monsters: the winged torso and corrupted captain

• Detailed battle maps as well as a map of the ship

• Newspaper hand outs for the end of the adventure

• Terrifying monster art

WARNING: This is a horror adventure aimed at mature audiences and as such includes extreme violence and disturbing scenes. Before running this adventure it is recommended that you confirm that your players are comfortable with the adventure’s contents.

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