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Floating Gardens of Bahb-Elonn

This scenario was originally written for use as a competition event at Games Day 1987. We have published the adventure so that you will be able to reproduce the competition. The scenario also serves as an introduction to the forthcoming supplement detailing the land of Lustria. (see WFRP World Map, p272). At Games Day the party had to play the part of a small band of pygmies, and we have included details of this party so that you can use them too. You should carefully read the notes on Witchdoctors, Ancestor Spirits and the spell Control Spirits before starting play.

If a conventional party is used here there is a significant chance that players will lose favourite characters. Much of the scenario is geared towards pygmies, (some tunnel heights, the presence of pygmy ancestors and so on), and a party without access to pygmy-magic may find some areas extremely difficult.

Pgs. 11-27

Published by Games Workshop

Written By
Basil Barrett
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Indie Dev.
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