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Forest in Twilight

Forest in Twilight is a four- to six-hour adventure for 1st-2nd level characters, designed for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, with a forest wilderness theme, blights, druids, and a trek through the woods to find the origin of the blights. The level of guidance is for newer DMs but without being training wheels.

Set in the Neverwinter Woods north of Phandalin, blights are leaving the woods and attacking settlers and travelers along the roads in the area. A group of druids wants to keep the people and forest safe, but one druid in particular is only concerned about the forest. The PCs will have to determine which side to back, if any, in finding out more about the blights and stopping the threat.

This adventure can also be used as a standalone adventure, or slotted into the early quests in the Dragon of Icespire Peak or Lost Mine of Phandelver campaigns.

Included with this adventure are:

+ 4 combat encounters and multiple opportunities for exploration and social encounters
+ Multiple NPCs with stated personality traits and goals, including roleplaying tips for the major ones
+ Hazards and diseases the characters encounter in the woods
+ Madness effects
+ 4 maps of important locations
+ Some guidance on how you might continue the story

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