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Full Moon Fey Tales

Who can the heroes trust in the verdant depths of the Feywild?

While resting in the wilds on the night of a full moon, the party are accidentally drawn into the Feywild, and must find their way back.

With a choice of routes to follow, the heroes may encounter either the naive but vengeful undine Dapple, or the urbane and callous fey lord Verian. Each holds the ability to send the party home, if they agree to retrieve something from the other.

Venturing past carnivorous vines and a troll-guarded bridge, can the adventurers be persuasive or sneaky enough to avoid an outright battle?

Full Moon, Fey Tales is a 3-4 hour adventure for characters of 5th to 7th level. It aims to give the players genuine choice on how to deal with their plight, and can be completed without a single combat, or by battling the whole way through - whatever your group prefers!

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S J Doble
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DMs Guild
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Levels 5–7
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