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Yegor Bonecruncher is the most ferocious hill giant in the land. When he begins terrorising the small village of Frickley, the inhabitants have only one hope - the legendary warrior, Jahia Giantslayer. The PCs undertake a dangerous trek through the High Forest to find her, battling wild fey magic all the way. But can Jahia live up to her own legend?

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MrJackDaly has played this adventure and would recommend it.

I've run this adventure twice in the last couple of weeks, once for a group of first-time players as well as for a group of more experienced ones at higher lever (5th). Both groups had a wonderful time with this adventure, as did I running it. This is easily one of the best introductory adventures that I've ever run.

The adventure was nice and straightforward to run with a clear goal for the players to achieve, while making it immediately obvious to them that there was lots of flexibility in how they could approach that goal which the first-time group in particular appreciated. There's a great mix of combat and exploration as they party makes their way through the woods, as well as plenty of approachable NPCs for them to interact with.

Both times that I ran the adventure it took around 5-6 hours of play time to complete, with the two groups getting up to Jahia's cottage in the first session, and then returning to Frickley and facing the giant in the second. The only major change that I made was taking out the fight at the fallen tree, and replacing it with a puzzle (of sorts) for the party to solve - the bridge has rotted away and they need to find a solution to cross. Since there's already a couple of combat encounters in the woods I think swapping this one out helps to add a bit more variety to the adventure.

Scaling the adventure for higher level play was also very easy, just requiring a few tweaks to some of the combats (e.g. the town is threatened by a pair of giants instead of just one) and not much else.

All in all this adventure was a blast. I can't recommend it enough and will absolutely be running it again.