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Goblin Trouble

Social conflict and negotiations, combat, random encounters, treasure, and dungeon delving — all the elements of a classic D&D adventure in 4 hours. Don’t be put off by the 80+ pages! Half of it is maps and character sheets!

Goblin Trouble is a short adventure for four 1st level characters. Written for the Dungeon Masters who are running their very first game, it is full of useful advice and tips on how to prepare for the sessions and how to run the game, easing everyone into the game mechanics along the way

More advanced Dungeon Masters and players have the option to use extra options for most encounters that make the game a bit more challenging and fun.

In the adventure, the party visits a small village in the Green Forest. There they learn about nasty goblins that terrorize anyone who enters too far into the forest... Is the party up to the challenge?

This adventure is also a perfect choice for Dungeon Masters who are looking to expand Lost Mines of Phandelver.

With this purchase you’ll get:

A beautifully-illustrated 4-hour adventure in PDF format
Four unique color maps in both Player and DM versions. All the maps are available as separate files, so they’re easily imported into Roll20 or another VTT.
A special Adventure Tracking Sheet that helps you prepare for the game and track your progress
12 ready-to-play, slightly simplified 1st-level characters with backstories so you and your players can immediately jump into the adventure! The players also get a short guide that helps them choose the perfect hero for them.
Goblin trouble must be solved. Time to set off on a grand adventure!

Would you like to know what the supplement looks like inside? Click the preview under the cover picture above!

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Janek Sielicki
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DMs Guild
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Levels 1–3
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