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Gorm the Obliterator

Revenants are terrifying. They are powerful and undeterred by magical concealment; if they are slain, their tortured spirits merely seek out new bodies to continue the hunt for their killers. Their only weakness is a ticking timer: they have one year to exact their revenge before their spirits fade from this world. But not Gorm. Gorm has no time limit. Gorm will pursue its target to the ends of the earth, taking new bodies as it goes, in pursuit of its ultimate goal: the utter eradication of its killer’s entire bloodline.

Tyrants and Hellions is a Dungeon Master's aide, containing fifteen villains complete with schemes, lairs, backstories, and everything else you need to drop them into your own 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Within its 400 pages you'll also find the methods, both mechanical and thematic, used to create villains that spark the imaginations of your players. Hex is one of these villains, and his adventure takes up 15 pages (pg 94-109).

Published by 2CGaming

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Steven Gordon
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Indie Dev.
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Levels 5–10
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