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Greenhouse of Nightmares

The natural world is dying and Thymia Scarletscale has had enough. It's time to destroy civilization and pluck the humanoid parasites from the face of this world. And honestly, is she wrong? Will the players succeed in infiltrating Thymia's lair The Verdant Phronstistery and bring an end to her schemes? Or will Thymia & her team of yuan-ti research assistants create an army of monstrous insects to wipe humanoids from the face of the world?

Greenhouse of Nightmares is the first installment in Pretty Little Liches: a trilogy of adventures centered around three unique liches and their lairs designed for high-level play. These three lairs and the surrounding regions can be run independently as individual adventures or tied together into a mini-campaign that centers on the destruction of the Green Hand, an organization of dangerous liches.

A 3-5 hour Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition adventure for Tier 4 (level 17-20) characters.

This adventure includes: 6 Random Encounters for a Deadly Swamp, Battle Tactics for a 3-Stage Boss Fight, a CR 26 Medusa Lich with New Legendary Actions, 7 New Monsters, & 2 New Magic Items!

Written By
Zeke Gonzalez
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DMs Guild
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Levels 17–20
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