Greger's Grotto

Greger’s Grotto is a community of pirates and other criminals, hidden away on a desolate coastline. The players are slaves sold to the Grotto’s owning family and used for manual labour and bloodsport in the arena.

In this adventure, the players will need to:

* survive harsh prison conditions, including the rivalry between prisoner factions: human, orc, goblin and hobgoblin
* fight in arena battles against prisoners and beasts, often with strange twists to entertain the crowd
* explore small mini-dungeons attached to the prisoners’ caverns
* ultimately escape; whether by force, alliance with fellow prisoners, stealth, cunning or any combination of these

Features of this adventure:

* Pay-what-you-want (even nothing).
* Illustrated with art by Setvasai.
* Designed to fit into most campaign worlds.
* Simulationist or story-driven: includes information for both. Use random rolls to determine what happens when, or take inspiration from various story hooks. (Or do both.)
* 11 unique NPCs, including members of the Grotto’s owning family and leader of the prisoner factions.
* Full maps of the Grotto, its arena and prisoner caverns, totalling over 40 rooms.

Written By
Joel Kelley
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DMs Guild
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Level 1
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Tarkan has played this adventure and would recommend it.

We used this as the starting point to kicking off our nautical pirate themed campaign. The players start out captured and forced to fight to survive in the brutal fighting pits in Greger's Grotto. This eventually leads to a prison break with a small dungeon crawl (depending on the route the players take) to stealing a pirate shipped or cutting a bargain to escape on one and onto the open seas.

There is a lot of useful material in this adventurer with rich descriptions and a really well thought out environment with some great and memorable NPCs. This could be used as a starting point for a new campaign or short adventure or if your players meet a TPK in battle, rather than being killed, perhaps they are thrown into the fighting pits of Greger's Grotto for the entertainment of the victors?