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H1 Keep on the Shadowfell

Darkness looms near Winterhaven! Kobold brigands have grown ever bolder in their attacks, marauding the once peaceful town, and a known explorer has been missing ever since their departure to the excavation site of a dragon burial site. When the party investigates, they will discover that the kobold's leader, Irontooth, bears a tattoo of a ram-headed demon.

This is a troubling portent, for the townsfolk will report that this can only mean the dread god Orcus, master of death, has an active cult in that ruined keep! It is up to the party to enter the Keep on the Shadowfell and put a stop to the cult's fell machinations before it threatens all the realm. There they will fight the evil priest Kalarel, Scion of Orcus and seal off the vile portal to the dark realms he is master of.

Should the heroes seize victory, glory and treasure are sure to be theirs. But first they must endure the challenges of that dreaded KEEP ON THE SHADOWFELL!

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DGoldDragon28 has played this adventure and would recommend it.

A decent introductory adventure, as far as things go. Most of it is pretty classic stuff -- you've got most of your traditional low-level footsoldier-type monsters here (kobolds, goblinoids, skeletons/zombies). You have some oozes as well -- the cube is always a good way to freak out new players and introduce them to a classic monster type at the same time. The Keegan subplot is a nice touch -- especially if you make Aecris important in future adventures. Although some of the encounters leave things to be desired, the final encounter if played right can be a perfect climax.

But the best part of the module is that it has multiple poster maps, a few of which are generic enough to come in useful in many future adventures. I can't count the number of times I used the "on the road" map -- proof that a poster map doesn't have to be designed for a flashy encounter to provide value.

If you play 4e, and have a new or relatively new party, I recommend playing the adventure. I wouldn't consider it great conversion fodder if you play another edition, but the maps are nice anywhere if you're picking up a hard copy.