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Hammon Eggs

The tomb of the ancient barbarian prince Hammon has overlooked the village of Hammon's Creche for centuries. None have ever pierced its haunted portals, and the bones of all who have dared circle the hilltop surrounding the tomb. Yet rumours persist of fabulous treasure buried with the prince, including his legenedary axe, armour, and shield. But recently, miners who dug into the base of Hammon's Tor were never heard from again, and villagers whisper that the mines are now haunted by barbarian spirits. Could a new way have been found into the tomb? And what of the sightings of white-clad figures near the mine entrance?

An adventure for four characters of 7th level.

For 5th edition Dunegons and Dragons.

This adventure features the 5th edition write ups of: blood amniote, caryatid column, crypt chanter, dread warrior, mohrg, the swordwraith template, the tombwarden template, and the umbral creature template.

Additionally, the adventure includes a 5th edition version of three homebrew legacy magic items.

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Devin Cutler
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Level 7
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