Cover of Have You No Heart? (WBW-DC-UCON-02)

Have You No Heart? (WBW-DC-UCON-02)

Have You No Heart? is a standalone adventure set in the peculiar village of Basht. Olivia Alfera calls the party back to Basht to help Robin Goodman reunite a girl with her father.

A Four-Hour Adventure for Tier 2 characters, Optimized for APL 8.

Featuring a new domain: Nepenthe, a domain of forgetting.

Content Warnings: Grief, Loss of a Relative, Memory Loss

Have You No Heart will debut at U-Con in October 2022 ( The story continues shortly after The Party that Split. It continues the tale that started with The Goat Mayor, but each episode can be played on their own.

The village of Basht is a little Grimm's Fairy Tale village that was used for several CCCs and DungeonCrafts U-Con. I hope that your players enjoy the whimsy and dark undercurrents as much as mine have, and I would love it if you share your experiences in Basht with me!

I've included VTT-friendly maps and handouts in separate files to help with running your games virtually because we can't let a simple thing like physical distance prevent us from sharing our stories.

I also have a printer friendly version included for those that prefer their works to be printed on the flesh of dead trees.

Please see other adventures written for U-Con:

The Goat Mayor (by me, Daniel Chapman) is the first introduction to Basht and it's peculiar traditions

The Straw Bears (by me, Daniel Chapman) takes place just a few tendays later, describing the strange annual tradition of the procession of Straw Bears

The Party that Split (by Daniel Chapman) takes place before Have You No Heart, and sets up the events that lead to Robin Goodman's current situation.

Blood and Fog (by Alan Patrick) was the first CCC written for U-Con and the first mention of the Blood Lord.

Rescue Down Under (by Alex Lown) continues the story of Basht and revisits the friendly tinkerer Yul Khahan.

If you see any errors or have any suggestions, or just wish to retell the tale of how your group went through the story, feel free to contact the author at:

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DMs Guild
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