Cover of Horror at Havel's Cross - A Basic Rules Adventure

Horror at Havel's Cross - A Basic Rules Adventure

When a group of archaeologists put out a call for adventurers to help them escort a valuable artefact back to civilization, nobody expects anything out of the ordinary. However, our heroes have more than mere bandits to deal with at Havel’s Cross...

Undead monsters roam the night and an ancient artefact stirs within a long forgotten temple. Getting to the bottom of the mystery will require a strong sword-arm and an even stronger stomach.

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Winghorn Press
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Level 2
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sgtsparty has played this adventure and would recommend it.

This is a great low level adventure and great for newer DMs. It takes place in a ruins near an Inn meaning it can easily be slotted into any campaign setting. My characters really enjoyed the adventure and the massacre at the Coaching Inn (which I renamed the Ironwood Stump to fit my campaign setting) was so evocative and my players were so shocked by it that after several comments from the party about the severity of it became canon that locals were afraid to go there and it remained abandoned causing bandits to become more active along the road creating more adventure hooks. The death cult also became a recurring organization in my campaign and Professor Landy a recurring NPC trying to help the party research the Cult's origins. The inclusion of a puzzle in the ruins really kept my players engaged and made it feel more mystical and not just hack and slash which was wonderful. I fully recommend this adventure. My only criticism is that there is no map for the Inn included but its easy enough to find a generic tavern/inn map online.

Orangeman44 has played this adventure and would recommend it.

This was a fun single-session game we played with our group. They party had finished Most Potent Brew and they wanted to continue ... so I moved them on to Horror at Havel's Cross. The ghouls and environment were just creepy enough to keep the party engaged and everyone enjoyed the end combat with the boss who can teleport around the room (so the fighters can just lock him down and beat him).

Thumbs up!

rkk has played this adventure and would recommend it.

This is a cool little adventure there's plenty of little ways for a party to cause mischief. Got three sessions out of it, but mostly because our rogue really really wanted to sneak around. The puzzle works better if you don't spell it out as much as it's written in the text. Overall great boss fight for low level characters!