Cover of UD5 Into the Underdark - Part 5 The Assault on Naakrasad

UD5 Into the Underdark - Part 5 The Assault on Naakrasad

Gyldrith the Great is coming, and she is not happy.

How long have you been down in these caves? Days? Weeks? More? Time is hard to track this far underground. And so much has happened since you descended into the tunnels beneath Dhonin’s Lookout. Now, you stand guard at the Great Gate of Naakrasad. Exhausted from your past battles, and your narrow escape from the cat and mouse games of the ancient deep dragon, Gyldrith. You can hear the hoots and hollers of her horde of bloodthirsty minions just beyond the city walls. A battle is coming, a battle against great odds. A battle that will test your mettle like none before. And you wonder if you are up to the task.

A massive battle ranging across the small city of Naakrasad in the Underdark.

Giant map of the city of Naakrasad with close-up details of the major battle sites in the adventure.

Several new monsters, including the vicious Half-Ogre Hound Master and his deadly Hell Hound pets.

Unnumbered maps, including the entire city of Naakrasad, to use in your favorite VTT.

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