Cover of Into the Underdark - The Shadowed Hollows Gazetteer

Into the Underdark - The Shadowed Hollows Gazetteer

How’d you get here?

Let me explain... No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

Rescued a retired hero's hapless nephew from goblins at some ruins on a hill

Found out that there aren’t any goblins, but spider creatures called chitine instead

Uncovered a chitine plot to start a war between the surface world and the drow

Got convinced to try to stop that war

Got trapped in the caves under the ruins

Chased the chitine’s leader, a choldrith, further down into the cave system

Nearly got crushed in a cave-in

Fought your way through an undead infested mine

Nearly got eaten by a colony of chitinous reptiles

Picked up the choldrith’s trail and followed it deeper into the earth

And now you stand at the entrance to a massive cavern filled with all manner of aggresive creatures.

Yep, that about sums it up! And now, here you are, in this giant cavern thousands of feet beneath the surface. All you have to do is pick up that choldrith’s trail again, and manage to navigate the many factions vying for control of this little section of the Underdark.

Good luck! And have fun storming the Hollows!

This Gazetteer contains:

Descriptions of the factions that live in The Shadowed Hollows, a massive cave complex far below the surface

The underground city of Naakrasad and the important NPCs that live there

Three quests leading to brief adventures within the Hollows for characters of level 4 to 6

7 custom maps of the Shadowed Hollows, Naakrasad, and the quest destinations

All necessary monster stat blocks

Everything needed to set the scene for the upcoming second chapter of the Into the Underdark Adventure Series

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