Cover of It Walks the Jungle at Night

It Walks the Jungle at Night

It stalks the jungles of Chult.

On the path to the lost city lies an ancient danger, a creature that posseses the very jungle and destroys man, beast, and undead alike. Your party has seen the signs of its violence and destruction. Soon they, too, will be hunted by the entity known as Uluu Thalongh.

It Walks the Jungle at Night is an adventure supplement for Tomb of Annihilation, designed for a party of 4 players of 5th-7th level. It is a sandbox-friendly adventure designed to fit within a broad adventuring area. The adventure includes strong DM guidelines to hasten or slow the adventure's buildup, allowing the Dungeon Master to control the adventure's pace and incoprorate its early phases into normal day-to-day travel.

The adventure includes:
-A wide series of random encounter options for the party to discover. They'll find victims of Uluu Thalongh who are relevant to the factions they've interacted with.
-A magical item reward: Lash of the Jungle-Walker.
-The full-page Myth of Uluu Thalongh, written to embrace Tomb of Annihilation's focus on legend and folklore.
-The stat blocks for the Uluu Thalongh (with legendary actions!) and its possessed jungle.
-An appendix for chase complications if or when the party flees from the dreadful entity.

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