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Lair of the Fire Cult

A doctor who helps with rare and socially debilitating diseases who welcomes all to her doorstep suddenly becomes reclusive...and her patients are no longer able to be found. Adventurer's are hired by a powerful merchant who had committed her son to this doctor, and they need to find him and bring him home.

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Shawn Merwin
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Kobold Press
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Levels 1–2
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der_kluge has played this adventure and would not recommend it.

The kernel of this module is pretty interesting - rescue the son from the insane asylum (basically). Unfortunately, as written, the module has many, many problems. It could be fleshed out so much more. If you're going to run this, it will require a lot more prep than what is presented. For starters, only the basement location is provided here. My PCs wanted to scout out the medical offices, which I had to completely make up. In the actual lair, you have to fight two guards. Now, keep in mind, the doctor has only been turned to this fire cult in the recent past, yet somehow she's had time to recruit a couple of thugs into her cult?? I dropped the guards. Room 2 has 3 execrable shrubs. These are ridiculous monsters on many levels. It's a shrub that is supposedly CR 1/2 yet has 40 hit points, and this module calls for 3 of them. As written, this room is 100% a TPK for a 1st level party. I dropped it down to shrubs, and halved their hit points, and it was still a slog. I opted to have the cloud of smoke also give the shrub disadvantage on attacks, which made the combat take forever, but spared my party a gruesome, unwarranted death. Then there's the doctor herself - she has no stats. So, apparently, the group is supposed to fight just the fire imp and maybe and agnibarra (I didn't even include these creatures). I just made the dr. a level 3 warlock with fire-based magic (hellish rebuke, with a fire-based eldritch blast), boosted her hit points, and it was interesting enough. I also included the imp, though more or less improvised its stats. To flesh this adventure out, you need to really better define the upstairs - there could be more patients who need to be freed, and some might actually be dangerous. Making the PCs determine how to deal with psychotically dangerous patients would be a great opportunity here, that was completely missed. The dungeon itself is also really ill-defined - there are even tunnels leading off that don't indicate where they go. So, do yourself a favor and read up on this carefully before deciding to run it.