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Lair of the Frog King

Lair of the Frog King is a short adventure for five 1st-level characters that takes place in an ancient castle. The river—which used to flow around the castle and fill its moat—has diverted over the centuries, and now what used to be fertile farmland is marshy bog. What’s more, the swamp has claimed the castle itself. A tribe of bullywugs settled in the muddy former fortress, and use it as a base to raid nearby farms.

Can the newly-minted heroes stop the bullywug menace?

Find out in Lair of the Frog King!

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R. P. Davis
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DMs Guild
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Level 1
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trashmonster has played this adventure and would recommend it.

I used this adventure as an expansion of the bullywug encounter in the second part of Ghosts of Saltmarsh. I think this is a great adventure. The trek through the swamp is eventful without being tedious (my players really liked Ekki), and the ruined castle itself is pretty fun. I especially liked the seesaw floor trap. I would recommend this adventure for anyone looking throw in an extra sidequest for their party.

I made the following changes to the adventure when I ran it:

  • My party was level 3, so I buffed some of the encounters by adding more bullywugs.
  • I reworked the hostage hook in the adventure to be lizardfolk hostages that the lizardfolk queen wanted the party to rescue.
  • I increased the size of the castle a little bit, as it felt slightly cramped with the increased number of bullywugs.
  • I had an ochre jelly drop from the ceiling in the southeast room to make it more of a challenge for my players.
  • I changed some of the treasure items to be more suitable for my party.

If you want to run the adventure for a 1st-level party, you probably don't need to make these changes.