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Legend of the White Snake

The Chinese legend of Lady White Snake, like a serpent shedding its skin, is a tale that’s been renewed many times. At its core, it is a tale of a water snake granted magic and human form when a mortal man drops a god’s gift of immortality into the river. It is a story of friendship in which the white snake saves a green snake’s life and shares her powers. It is a story of jealousy in which a turtle spirit covets their immortality and plots against them. It is a story of selflessness in which the white snake sacrifices all—trapped in a pagoda for eternity—to save, from the turtle spirit, the same mortal man she’s grown to love.

But in some retellings, it is a story of evil and good, Lady White Snake, an evil demon, and the turtle, a well-intentioned monk. Or it is a story of treachery, the green snake betraying her closest friend.

This adventure embodies the multi-faceted nature of the original legend transformed over centuries. The town’s healer, Lady White, has been captured, and everyone in the village has a different story to tell. It’s up to the characters to decide who they trust, what they believe, and what they’re going to do about it.

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Lysa Chen
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DMs Guild
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Levels 11–16
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