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Lost Laboratory of Kwalish

Lost Laboratory of Kwalish explores an alternate expedition into the Barrier Peaks. The legendary inventor disappeared in the peaks eons ago… as it turns out, finding a crashed planar ship and studying its technology to fuel his own experiments—only now, Kwalish’s lost research is desperately needed!

This adventure explores two locations within the Barrier Peaks, and includes new monsters, magic items, and spells, plus sci-fi trinkets, random encounters, and even rumors of the area submitted by the player community! Further featuring new art, maps (from Claudio Pozas), and even a cartoon (from Jason Thompson)—as well as the famed suit of powered armor, as edited by Jeremy Crawford on the Dragon+ livestream!

Best of all, all monies that Wizards of the Coast receives from sales of this PDF are donated to Extra Life. Your purchase of this adventure goes to a truly great cause!

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Lawface has played this adventure and would recommend it.

Spoilers, obviously.

This adventure is absolutely bonkers. There's a bone devil wearing a robe made of human faces serving as the god of a cult living on a floating island that is actually a chunk of alien technology. BUT WAIT! It's not actually a bone devil, it's an imp piloting a bone devil mech!! There is a council of brains in jars that must be intellectually appeased! There are the flooded ruins of an ancient city, but it turns out the water is actually one GIANT ooze!!

And there are a variety of hilarious and bizarre companions that can join you. A wizard cat with a human familiar. A friendly modron. A vampire trapped in an iron coffin-golem. It's a locked metal coffin with legs with a vampire trapped inside. Amazing.

Tons of great ideas are packed in this adventure for you to steal. And a couple new spells too! When you are sifting through the materials of ancient archmages, I think it's only appropriate to find strange new spells not available in the player's handbook.

I feel like the adventure ends somewhat abruptly, they go through this incredible wacky journey to reach the ancient ruins, but once they finally do it doesn't feel like there's a lot of there there. I would grab a strange dungeon of your choosing and put it in the ruined city. I used Expedition to the Barrier Peaks.

My players were delighted with just about every part of this adventure the whole way through, it gets my recommendation.