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Lost Mine of Phandelver

"More than five hundred years ago, clans of dwarves and gnomes made an agreement known as the Phandelver’s Pact, by which they would share a rich mine in a wondrous cavern known as Wave Echo Cave. In addition to its mineral wealth, the mine contained great magical power. Human spellcasters allied themselves with the dwarves and gnomes to channel and bind that energy into a great forge (called the Forge of Spells), where magic items could be crafted. Times were good, and the nearby human town of Phandalin (pronounced fan-duh-lin) prospered as well. But then disaster struck when orcs swept through the North and laid waste to all in their path.

A powerful force of orcs reinforced by evil mercenary wizards attacked wave echo cave to seize its riches and magic treasures. Human wizards fought alongside their dwarf and gnome allies to defend the Forge of Spells, and the ensuing spell battle destroyed much of the cavern. Few survived the cave-ins and tremors, and the location of Wave Echo Cave was lost.

For centuries, rumours of buried riches have attracted treasure seekers and opportunists to the area around Phandalin, but no one has ever succeeded in locating the lost mine. In recent years, people have resettled the area. Phandalin is now a rough-and-tumble frontier town. More important, the Rockseeker brothers - a trio of dwarves - have discovered the entrance to Wave Echo Cave, and they intend to reopen the mines.

Unfortunately for the Rockseekers, they are not the only ones interested in Wave Echo Cave. A mysterious villain known as the Black Spider controls a network of bandit gangs and goblin tribes in the area, and his agents have followed the Rockseekers to their prize. Now the Black Spider wants Wave Echo Cave for himself, and he is taking steps to make sure no one else knows where it is."

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by @marcellarius.

"There are a variety of locations in this adventure: the town of Phandalin, a gang hideout, a ruined keep in the forest, a destroyed village, and Wave Echo Cave (a dungeon crawl). The adventure is written in a sandbox style and relies on the players to choose their path. Phandalin offers several side-quests which could serve as hooks for continuing adventures.

The premade characters have ties in their backgrounds to NPCs and locations. If you're not using these you'll need to consider other ways to introduce key NPCs."

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ZanderRahl has played this adventure and would recommend it.

First time DM, I picked this adventure for my party of 4 (1 vet of D&D 5e and 3 newcomers). Most of the adventure was great, although I did tweak portions of the adventure. Things such as:

  • Made the creature at the Ruins of the Thundertree the actual BBEG looking to repair a broken artefact
  • Added several encounters from Dragon of Icespire Peak
  • Modified some encounters with creatures from Flee Mortals to add action oriented monsters to some encounters

Groundwalker has played this adventure and would recommend it.

Excellent starting point for a new DM and new players. Only got past the first goblin ambush as a group of 100% new players and new DM for the first session though. Takes longer than you might be prepared for. Town is a bit overwhelming for players with so many options immediately and the pregenerated characters stories aren't fully formed into the adventure allowing for a longer campaign to involve all of the player's back stories.

DinoTuesday has played this adventure and would recommend it.

This was a wonderful sandbox/open world setting and low level adventure to jump start a longer campaign in my friend's homebrew setting. I had a blast playing in it and getting into highjinks. We even collapsed a keep on a bunch of bandits leading to a very hectic impromptu encounter.

B-E-T-A has played this adventure and would recommend it.

I've run this adventure twice now, both times for a group of players that (mostly) consists of people who have never played D&D. And both time this adventure has worked as intended, and provided an excellent starting point for teaching the players the basics of D&D 5e and the basics of roleplaying games. The second time I ran it I replaced the final dungeon with Forge of Fury, to make the mine that they have been seeking bigger and grander than it was originally. Plus a final boss fight against a dragon is a D&D classic, my players loved it!

Good starting adventure for new players and new DMs a like, and the town of Phandalin provides a good starting town for future adventures.

TheFrenchy has played this adventure and would recommend it.

This is great for what it is meant to be, an introduction to the potential of D&D 5e for new players and or new DM's. I had never played D&D before but I decided to step up and DM. I was a bit worried about DMing since I had never played before but no one else had either. But Lost Mine has been a great tool for me to learn the basics of how to run an adventure and for my players to learn how to play D&D. So if you and some friends are looking to give D&D a try or if you have never DMed before and looking to give it a shot I feel Lost Mine is your best option.

neelin2 has played this adventure and would recommend it.

This an amazing starting adventure for any new DMs or players.

grayseeroly has played this adventure and would recommend it.

This is a really good adventure for new players and DMs, it's got mystery and levity, Dungeons and Dragons. The town of Phandalin is great in itself and can be used as its own setting.

TallandBeard has played this adventure and would recommend it.

Phandelver is the quintessential starting adventure for fifth edition. It's mixes an appropriately low level adventure with a number of interwoven side quests and opportunities for get new players into trouble if they're not careful. It introduces classic monsters and interesting challenges to make for a great early adventure for both first time players and seasoned veterans. Highly recommend.