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Moon over Graymoor

Moon over Graymoor is a short adventure written for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, for first level player characters. It is intended to be a good first adventure to run; something for new players, or even a new Dungeon Master to try.

The players are turned loose in a hamlet that has suffered a handful of vicious murders, and it’s up to them to investigate. Players will gather clues, canvass the villagers, and if they’re smart, pick up a few things along the way that might just give them enough bite to face off against the beast, and survive.

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S. T. Mannell
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DMs Guild
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Icenrose has played this adventure and would recommend it.

I'm running this adventure for the third time, and I'd like to highlight the layout of the adventure. Having events easily rearranged depending on party actions is a godsend for starting DMs, as it allows the party to feel like they have real agency over how the story plays out without the DM feeling constantly on the back foot. One of my parties actually managed to save one of the murder victims on accident, but at the same time accelerated the villain's plans by having the whole town hole up in the church!

There is enough detail to give a DM a clear idea of the broad layout of the town and key NPCs within it while still allowing a lot of room for creativity. It's easily adaptable to any campaign setting you're running, homebrew or otherwise.

Both new and veteran players I've run this adventure with have absolutely loved it, as do I. Highly recommend!

skerbgs has played this adventure and would recommend it.

I've run this adventure twice now for different groups and I'm looking forward to the next group I can run this adventure with! Well-written, engaging and easy-to-run. The village of Greymoor is also a great little starting area which could serve as a base of operations for low level adventures (providing the PCs don't antagonize the towns-folk - which they did the second time I ran this adventure!)

KrestBoss has played this adventure and would recommend it.

You're barking up the right tree for a great game night! This adventure surpassed my expectations (which were high at the start) and delivers a great murder-mystery-investigation experience for everyone.

The adventure is very well written and modular in design - that is the events can be rearranged easily to whatever fits how events are unfolding during the game. The investigation and subsequent murders kept my players on their toes and the introduction of a mysterious and powerful helper is a great starting point for a recurring person of interest (Helper? Villain? Archfey? Archmage?) or even the start to an entire campaign or B plot.

My own suggestion: during the final prep before fighting the werewolf boss, describe them finding the old book and scroll but actually give them monster manual with the page open to werewolves. My group losing their minds at that is something that I'll never forget!