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BF1 Morgansfort: The Western Lands Campaign

Morgansfort: The Western Lands Campaign is the first published campaign setting for the Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game. This module includes a brief description of the Western Lands: A campaign adventure area consisting of the remnants of a once-great empire, a pair of important free cities, and a vast wilderness territory, plus Morgansfort, a detailed "home base" for adventurers set in the western lands.

Also included are three adventures designed for a part of new player characters, comprising a total of six dungeon levels:

The Olde Island Fortress: a two-level dungeon environment suitable for beginning adventurers, located near Morgansfort.
The Nameless Dungeon: a three-level dungeon designed to be a bit more challenging.
The Cave of the Unknown: a one-level dungeon filled with strange monsters led by a fearsome master.

This campaign module combines: The Western Lands, a briefly sketched campaign area; Morgansfort, a detailed "home base" for an adventuring party; The Old Island Fortress, a two level dungeon suitable for beginning adventurers; The Nameless Dungeon, a tough three level dungeon; and The Cave of the Unknown, a dungeon controlled by an evil magic-user.

This campaign module is highly suitable for starting a new group, even a group of new players.

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WackyWarlock123 has played this adventure and would not recommend it.

Reading through and playing the adventure feels barebones and basic, the dungeons dont feel real, with skeletons, giant ants and bees just being there for the sake of being there- It feels as though the author had rolled on the AD&D random dungeon table, then stocked it with the random stocking table. However praise where praise is due the dungeon is simple to read and contains boxes to mark enemy hit points. Additionally, its free. Its a good module to use if you really need a dungeon on the fly although I would recommend going through other modules and having them at the ready.