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My Own Personal Paradise

When the players get teleported to the plane of the Beastlands, they meet with an intelligent petitioner in the form of a Dog named Reith. Eventually Reith will lead the players to a human; an eagle winged boy by the name of Addler.

Addler already knows a way out of the Beastlands, but doesn’t want the players to know because the key is his body and if the petitioners knew he could leave, they wouldn’t like him anymore. Not being the best at planning, he’ll be coerced into giving the players a map to the petitioner that helped him find the portal (A snake named Siy).

After passing through some small adventures in the beastlands, the players will meet with Siy and learn about Addlers portal. From here, the players will travel back to Addler and confront him.

Written By
Nora Haynes
Published By
DMs Guild
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Levels 1–2
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