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Remains of the Empire

Long ago, when the Dragonborn Empire of Arkhosia thrived, the flying citadel Ustraternes was undone by tiefling magic. Now, a dragonborn zealot with dreams of renewing the lost glory of his ancestors explores the ruins—and unleashes a plague of rampaging drakes on the terrified locals. The story offers PC's the chance to tame a Warwing Drake, disperse a mob, parley with undead, and battle within an alpine meadow that defies gravity.

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Rinse has played this adventure and would recommend it.

One of the great adventures from 4th edition (Skill Challenges and Player Lore FTW!). The main draw of this adventure is that your players will have the chance to obtain a flying mount (Warwing Drake) at level 3-4! What's not to love? Well... The adventure lacks organization: critical information is scattered all around its 26 pages. Therefore, I strongly advice you to read through everything at least once before running. Otherwise, with its unique locations (look at that art <3) and maps from the one and only Mike Schley, you can't go wrong.