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Shadowbrook Manor

Once a powerful proponent of Law, the Archmage Tazimack the Red was eventually driven mad by a fear of mortality. As he slipped into insanity his retirement home began to reflect the chaotic bent of his mind. Long after Tazimack’s unnaturally animated body has disintegrated, his manor house remains as a shadow cast by a twisted intellect. Can the characters bring order to this chaos?

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u2622 has played this adventure and would recommend it.

Added this one to my open-table hexcrawl, and got about ~8 sessions out of it. The adventure itself is small, but very easy to get inspiration from, and the locale/items are interesting enough to cause players to want to explore the entire thing. They used the Miracle Gro on the Dryad's tree, who then asked the party to bring her woodcutters as a sacrifice. They removed the door to Tazimack's room, so I had local farmers explore the room after they left, and they left the skeleton closet door open, allowing an army of undead to pour through (over the course of days/weeks). Great module! Quick to read, easy to run. I ran it using DCC RPG