Shadowed Temple of the Forgotten Goddess

An adventure for 3-4 characters of Levels 3-4 exploring a ruined temple in a deep forest, with new monsters, new magic items, and all new original art.

Deep within the Forest of Legressia lies a ruined temple of a long forgotten goddess. This ancient, crumbling temple is rumored to contain an artifact of the faith deep within its bowels, but also to be guarded by a shadowy malevolence. Your party has been tasked with reconnoitering the temple and retrieving the artifact. Great rewards await those courageous (or foolish) enough to delve into the Shadowed Temple of the Forgotten Goddess...

The adventure includes:

5 fully fleshed out encounters within the temple. Traps, monsters, riddles, and mysteries abound
Four new monsters, two of which are variants of the shadow-bound Umbrathi, charged as guardians of the temple's secrets
Harvesting and crafting options, for defeated and destroyed foes
A new magical item, the Amulet of Redemption
Lore connected with the world, including tie-ins to adventures to come
A professional battlemap/sitemap from the superb Silver Compass Maps
Incredible orginal artwork from Simon Underwood and Carlos Castilho
Map Pack: includes gridded and ungridded versions of both GM maps and player friendly maps. Also includes VTT compatible maps

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Ancient Sage
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Levels 2–4
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