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Side Quests and Mini Adventures

Exciting Adventure Awaits!

Welcome esteemed adventurers! Embark on five thrilling mini adventures, each crafted to captivate players of multiple levels in your roleplaying campaigns!

Whether seamlessly integrated into your ongoing saga or enjoyed as a standalone gaming session with friends, these dynamic quests promise excitement and challenge at every turn. From unraveling ancient mysteries to battling fearsome foes, your party of players will journey through diverse landscapes and face varied encounters, ensuring an unforgettable gaming experience every time.

Are you ready to dive into the adventure and forge your legend?

Side Quests and Mini Adventures is a Pathfinder Second Edition booklet featuring five short adventures that cover various levels, tailored for a party of four characters to be completed within a single gaming session. This collection of mini adventures is ideal for Game Masters who need content for a session where a player is absent or wish to incorporate side quests or new locations into their ongoing campaign.

This purchase includes:

A 40+ page adventure booklet containing five unique mini adventures.
A 20-page Map Pack featuring detailed and visually striking maps for each mini adventure.
Featuring nearly 50 creatures found exclusively in the new Pathfinder Second Edition Monster Core!
Background information and story hooks to guide GMs and players into each mini adventure.
Opportunities for multi-level adventuring, suitable for levels 1 through 15.
Exciting monster encounters, hazards, story developments, and discoveries.
Each mini adventure is designed to last from 2 to 6 hours, with optional information for adjusting the overall duration of the adventure.

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