Cover of SJ-DC-DD-09 The Huangfu Heist

SJ-DC-DD-09 The Huangfu Heist

"A glitzy Wildspace gala on a glamorous pleasure cruise, a dozen priceless relics, and one chance to steal it all. Are you in, or out?"

An Audacious Four-Hour Heist for Tier 2 Characters. Optimized for APL 8.

Content Warning: Alcohol, Fantasy Violence, Gambling, Tobacco Use

Get your disguise kits and thieves’ tools ready, as ENNIE Award winning author Jason Koh and ENNIE nominee Darryl Ho reunite to mastermind a space caper so good it’s criminal!

The Huangfu hold the final key to the Monad’s millennium-old mystery, and YOU have ONE chance to steal it. Can you pull it off? Episode 9 of Ad Astra.

This lovingly crafted homage to Hong Kong action cinema and Chinese fantasy fiction is designed to be played using Theater of the Mind, and supplemented by tasteful handouts in art deco style. Depending on the characters and their decisions, multiple endings are possible.

Ad Astra is a series of loosely connected Spelljammer adventures for D&D Adventurers League.
Traverse the stars in an ancient, arcane locomotive, and experience fresh takes on the spacefaring genre written and produced by bestselling Dungeon Masters Guild authors and international talents from the Dungeon Designers Discord community. Uncover the secrets of the Monad, explore unique and unconventional worlds, and unravel a mystery that spans a millennium!

This product includes:

- a 106-page adventure with multiple endings and ways to play
- custom handouts to help get your players prepped for the perfect heist
- appendices full of helpful tips and advice to get the most out of this adventure
- custom images for selected NPCs
- standard and printer-friendly PDFs

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