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SM06 The Warren

Baron Ketterall’s lands are beset by a plague of marauding goblins!

Goblins you say? Pah! Who's afraid of few poxy goblins?

But two experienced parties have already gone looking for the goblin lair – never to be heard of again.

Poxy goblins you say? Be afraid, be very afraid…

The scenario is designed to be an extremely challenging adventure that might undermine a player’s bravado in dealing with low-level monsters such as goblins. Unusual traps, tricks and special weapons are used by the inhabitants of the dungeon to cause the party as much trouble as possible.

Published by Dunromin University Press.

Written By
Simon Miles
Published By
Indie Dev.
Publication Year
Battle Mats?
Includes Characters?
Levels 5–8
Boss Monsters and Villains
Common Monsters
Notable Items
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