Cover of Tales from the Feywild

Tales from the Feywild

The sequel to the DMs Guild best-selling Tales from Frozen North returns better than ever with almost 4 times more content!

What you will find inside:
* 36 random encounters (plus 4 mini random encounters within random encounters! Encounter-ception?!)
* Chapter 1: Carnival Encounters. 6 Short encounters for any carnivals and fairs in the Feywild.
* Chapter 2: The Summer Court. 10 Encounters that are short and whimsical, or featuring creatures common to the Summer Court.
* Chapter 3: The Gloaming Court. 10 Encounters that are short and wicked, or featuring creatures common to the Gloaming Court.
* Chapter 4: The Feydark. 10 Short encounters in the subterranean world of the Feydark.
* Scaling guide provided for most encounters (Tiers 1-2)
* Puzzle Encounters (The Fey do love their puzzles, especially if it infuriates others)
* New Fey-themed Magic Items
* New Creatures! Including but not limited to:
* Tooth Fairy (you might want to hold on to your teeth with this one!)
* The Dawn Growlers — a team of superhero hounds?!
* and a totally innocent and harmless small white rabbit…yes… harmless

Written By
Jason Lee
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DMs Guild
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Levels 1–10
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