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Temple of 1000 Swords

"An ancient temple to the forgotten god of swords lies hidden behind a waterfall. Great piles of swords choke its halls and spill out into nearby streams and waterways. What strangeness still treads and what swords will you draw in the Temple of 1000 Swords?

-A tarot-inspired fantasy RPG dungeon delve for 3rd level characters
-Created for Old-School Essentials (B/X), compatible with RPGs with old-school sensibilities
-A 19 room, keyed dungeon, easily insertable into a fantasy RPG campaign, sandbox, or “west marches” style table
-d100 weird, magic, and cursed swords to discover. Roll to search the piles!
-Anything is a sword--create weird sword creations through the temple's cursed magic
-New monsters, factions, spirits, and curses
-Includes a high-resolution unlabeled map for VTT use"

"Temple of 1000 Swords" is set in a mystical temple filled with countless swords and intriguing magic. It offers a dense, exploration-heavy dungeon experience with unique mechanics and a rich backdrop of ongoing conflicts. Players can choose to ally with the Drukks (humanoid carnivorous ducks) or Merfolk (jocks) and manipulate both for their ends, or try to avoid conflict altogether.
Gladio, the god of swords, issues quests that can alter the course of the adventure, demanding moral and strategic decisions from the players.

Written By
Brad Kerr
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Indie Dev.
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Level 3
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